I just ran out the door real quick to go borrow some powdered sugar from Patience’s house and our neighbor Alexis was outside. Alexis is 12. And we had the following conversation.

Lexy: “Hey Ashley”

Me: “Hey Lexy girl. Whats up?”

Lexy: “Guess what?”

Me: “What?”

Lexy: “I just saw a dog get killed.”

Me: “What?! Where?”  Lexy points west.  “How did it get killed?”

Lexy: “The po- lice shot it”

Me: “What? Why?”

Lexy: “I don’t they was arresting some man and the dog kept barking so they shot it 6 times in the throat”

In front of a 12 year old. Thanks for furthering the already present themes of death, violence, and murder in this neighborhood mr po-lice man. You are perpetuating a lie that so many people believe. You are just as much apart of the evil in this neighborhood. And people wonder why kids down here grow up not trusting cops.


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