It’s been awhile

Forgive our absence.

Heather and Brian had a terrible loss in the family a few months ago and we’ve been distracted.

Summer  is in full swing in Franklinton which means its hot, active, kids are everywhere, and people are violent. We are gardening like crazy and fixing bikes like mad, everyone is busy and we are trying to find healthy balances. We are trying to find time to enjoy life… enjoy one and other… and celebrate birthdays, our bodies, and anniversaries.

We had an incredible night with just the ladies last week where we read Eve Enslers “The Good Body.” It is inspiring to sit in a room full of women and talk about our bodies and why we feel the way we do about them. I wish every woman had that sort of support.

In other news… we are working on our bee hives, slowly but surely. We are working on the goat yard. We are working on staying loving and open to people. And we are working on our breathing in our peacemaking class. We taught our girl scouts how to guerilla garden by making and throwing seed bombs.

Here are some pictures of our beloved girls hands… working hard…


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