I know we write a lot about our neighbor kids but I have another great story to share. This time its about Javir. He doesn’t permanently live next door, just staying for the summer. Well he broke his leisure card which means he can’t go to the pool with the rest of the kids until he gets a new one so he has been staying home all day. I played board games with him one day and the following day he was sitting outside while I was in the garden and he asked if he could come over. Of course you can come over Javir. So he meanders into the garden and we had the following conversation:

Me: So what did you do all day by yourself?

J: I made an energy drink. A homemade energy drink.

Me: And how do you make one of those?

J: I put in water, jelly, and syrup.

Me: (laughing inside, trying to form a good reaction)…………………………………. what kind of syrup?

J: Like the kind I put on my pancakes.

Haha! Awesome. Probably super disgusting. He said it didn’t taste like normal energy drinks but he still liked it. Then he told me also hung out Jerry all day. I asked who Jerry was. It was the lightning bug he caught last night, kept in a jar while he slept, and was now climbing up his arm. He held on to Jerry all day and let Jerry climb up his arms and giggled because it tickled. Oh Javir. I love that kid. He also spent the day naming all 13 of our garlic plants. They were names I can’t even pronounce or remember but they sure were creative.

What a good boy. My interaction with him made my whole day better. I wish I could spend more time with those kids.

More to come…


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