The present is a gift and I just wanna BE

Well, I wanted to write because it has been so long, but what about?

About teaching ex-cons to fix bicycles so they can give their granddaughter a birthday gift even though they have no money because people dont’ hire ex-cons?  About the voracious dedication of some of our community members to get some fresh REAL food into all our and our neighbor’s bellies?  About little girls growing their own food to make pizza with?  About being neighbors?  About accidentally contributing to gentrification but also fighting it and believing that people have a right to live where they want to live?  About how to piece together incomes and time and consensus decision making enough to fix the damn dishwasher and clean out the gutters?  About the freedom of riding around the city on your bicycle and fixing it yourself?  About being so terrified of getting bed bugs that I can’t sleep because I’m itching my imaginary bed bug bites?  About desiring safety, security, money, and space but then rejecting it, but not really, but in theory? About the delicious home grown brown rice beet burgers we made a giant batch of and froze?  About how much I intend to do in a garden and in a kitchen that I never get around to?  About what to do with your hen lays an egg too big for her oviduct and it turns inside out?  That happened twice.

Or about how we are all too busy doing a bunch of shit to be in real community with each other?

The new emphasis:  find some other dedicated volunteers to share the too-big burdens we excitedly piled on our backs and BE present with each other.


One thought on “The present is a gift and I just wanna BE

  1. love this. also, that shit about the hens is totally gross. also, being in grad school is too time consuming to make me a regular dedicated volunteer, but please feel free to shoot me an email if y’all need help with things! i’d love to pitch in! things should be slowing down next month, so yeah (:

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