Girl Scout Mix Up!

K. stomped up to me at Girl Scouts yesterday demanding,  “Did you cut your goats?” 

 “Uh, what?”   Usually when I am this confused by a six year old it has to do with a pre-teen boy band or Disney channel reference, but this was a new one.

She looked upset.  “Did you cut your goats?  I go up to your fence every day on my way to school and go ‘BAAAAAAA’ at the goats and they answer back, but they didn’t today!  Did you cut out their voices?”

Yikes!  Since the weather has been decent, we’ve been leaving the door to the shed open so the goats can sleep in the run.  Since it has been getting colder (and since Gertrude decided to start bleating really loudly at five am on Tuesday), we decided to lock them in the shed overnight.  The morning of the Girl Scout meeting, I had slept in and apparently not let the goats out in time to greet the kids on their way to school.

I explained everything to K. and told her to come by one afternoon to officially meet Matty and Gertrude.   As creepy as the cutting thing is, we all agreed after the meeting that it is pretty cool that the girls can start their day talking to goats.  I let them out earlier this morning and I hope that K. stopped by to say hi on her way to school.



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