“well, welcome back to the shit fest.”

Wow. Here we are all of a sudden in the middle of November. Where did summer go? Oh thats right… Franklinton Gardens and Franklinton Cycleworks is where our summers went.

I am so happy that fall is here and the crazy summer is behind me. Looking back I feel proud and successful (6,500 pounds of food on an acre of land). Looking forward… I feel overwhelmed so we won’t even go there.

We had a benefit show for Franklinton Gardens last month. We raised over $3,000 in one night and we were so thankful for that. Here are some pictures from the benefit…

Winter will be good this year. We will get things around the house done and spend more time together and I can’t wait for that.


 Girl Scouts continues on… we took a trip to the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago which was a blast for the girls and for us. I will post pictures soon.

Kelly and Ryder just celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary yesterday, now they will be working on their second year of marriage. Crazy how time flies!

Big things are happening at the bike co op and its an exciting time for them.

My grandpa who lives in New Zealand passed away after a five year long battle with cancer on Tuesday night. No matter how old someone is or if they have had a great life, it doesn’t make losing them any easier. He was 79 and did live a great life but I still feel robbed. Grief is really overwhelming and its hard not to think about everyone else in your life you might lose.

That seems like a good note to end on….


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