Lying in Wait

The current system has its boot on my neck.I committed F5 property crimes;I take responsibilty for the consequences.I am ashamed of what I did and I want to move beyond my past,but even McDonalds has turned me down.I have 24 years in the HVAC service field-cannot return to that.To make matters worse,I have probation rules which require me to be employed.So it seems to me that the system is lying in wait for me to re-offend.What does one do?I have to survive.

2011-11-13 08:59:19.0

We received an email from a friend of ours last week, she is an attorney who is building a database that shows what specific barriers to employment someone who has committed a crime will face.  The Columbus Dispatch published an article about it Sunday the 13th of November, here.  In her email she copied and pasted the text above– a comment left on the Dispatch article– asking for suggestions we might give this man.

These gaps, traps, are overwhelmingly common.  I heard them for years on the streets from homeless individuals and now I hear them from our bike shop patrons.  Another one we hear a lot: someone loses their license for not paying their child support, now they can’t maintain their job or find one without transportation, but they need to get a job to pay their rent and child support, but as soon as they figure out how to get one without transportation their wages will be garnished anyway… etc.  It’s only a matter of time before some folks caught in this trap end up living on the streets and by this point child support is the least of their priorities.

It seems as though “the system” is indeed lying in wait for people to re-offend.  What is to be done?


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