Many Mansions

When two adult men share the same bedroom,  
 people come to one of a handful of simple conclusions.
The word genius is almost never mentioned. 
When six people live in a four bedroom apartment,  
Your co-workers snark.You make soup in bulk.                               
Even intimate dinners are a party.
The landlord starts to call, but I fell out of romance
 with the telephone years ago.

I fell out of bed September 1st and found                              
a note from Michael Jordan written on the hub cab 
of a Voltzwagen Beetle. It read,
“Two thousand one was five years ago. American culture needs to begin again. Everyone needs to stop living at the end of time. Sincerely, Air Jordan Symbol. P.S. You need to work on your lay-up, you don’t win games without the basics.”

When me and my eleven best friends                         
moved into a three story house, 
 it was not a metaphor for my body only. 
The bathroom became a barbershop, 
The living room is a newspaper and a radio station and a cabaret.
The kitchen is the blogosphere. 
We talked loudly about all the damage 
the invention of the microwave           
has done as a tool of isolation, 
loud enough for the satellites to hear.
We replaced our refrigerator with a cow.
Family is a group of people    
 that makes your individuality stronger,
 it rarely has anything to do with blood.

Human is the being of distance. 
We see ourselves most clearly
in moments of love and pain and madness; 
when we are stranded outside of the world.
We have been making room inside our whole lives.
Human is the primate that saw the open plains 
and said, “I will go there.” 
The space inside of my heart will always 
be greater than the entrance,
so I will have to grow larger.

It is difficult to let anyone in,
but I will go there with you.
 When we let others into our hearts,
 space is not lost, but gained.
 The room of us is growing all the time. 
There will always be room for you.
In my house there are many mansions.
This is the path I chose before I was born.

Brian Ellis



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