a day in the life…

Everybody, at some point, feels the need to escape their current reality. Even if just for a night. As a community we tend to do that by acting like college kids again.

Last night we had our weekly potluck over at Jenny’s house, because she is moving to Vietnam in a few weeks and wanted to have a final night of fun. So she made us some awesome Vietnamese food and we all crowded in her dining room and ate, drank wine, and chatted.

We also decided to make the night about Jenny’s favorite things which is of course ladies 80’s. After dinner we ran home to get in our ladies 80’s garb. Which for some is a newkids on the block t shirt and blue sunglasses, for others its a denim vest jacket and bright red lipstick, and others yet just a comfy shirt and a pair of jeans for dancing. We went back to Jenny’s and wound up in a great game of Kings. If you are wondering what King’s is… its your classic college drinking game. But we really enjoyed it. You play with a deck of cards and each card represents something you have to do (ex: Kings stand for category and you have to come up with a category and everyone has to go around and answer until someone can’t think of something…  and if you can think of something then y ou lose and you have to take a drink)

One category was “things hipsters say”… we spent way too long pretty much making fun of ourselves and the things we know we have said… “is this fair trade? like my jorts? i ride a fixey. do you have pbr? do i get a discount for riding my bike? like my seagull bag? is this compostable? i have chickens. where is the thrift store?” it went on and on and I haven’t laughed that hard in a really long time.

We finally decided to hit up ladies 80’s close to midnight. Which is super late for us, but they don’t play the good music til after midnight anyways. We felt extra young and cool that we were going out at midnight. 🙂

Of course we danced for hours, got creeped on by many men, did some interpretive dancing, made fools of ourselves, and went home. Even just one night of escaping reality for a little while can help balance your soul.

When we finally made our ways out of bed this morning we sipped on some fair trade coffee (of course) and watched our hero Amenna Matthews on the Colbert Report. Not only does it take some guts to be a gang violence interrupter but going on the Colbert show takes some serious guts. Leave it Ameena, she did it cleverly and with such grace.


The Interrupters will be showing on PBS February 14th at 9pm. Please don’t miss seeing this.


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