What Happened?

On Sunday at church one of our girl sprouts came sprinting towards me.  Everyone was singing a hymn and all I could hear was her repeating, “what happened?  what happened?”  My mind started racing and my heart dropped.  Did something happen to one of the girls?  Did they get lost?  Were they hurt?  Why was she confused?  

She caught her breath and  repeated herself.  “What happened to your glasses?”   I was wearing my contacts for once.

I wrote off my paranoia as being a product of a rough week in Franklinton.   Our friends Jed and Hannah had their house broken into.   Even scarier, a woman was kidnapped by a white van driving around the neighborhood.  These incidents remind us why we are worried about the kids wandering the streets, why we sometimes feel uneasy in our own homes.  And maybe why I automatically jumped to the worst case scenario when I saw our girl sprout.

At these moments, I also need to catch my breath.  I try to remember that we do need to channel our inner Katniss sometimes.  We need to be alert and aware of the reality of our neighborhood.  But that awareness needs to be balanced with an understanding that things are usually okay, or else I am just the stressed lady who is always poised to dial 911.

Luckily, this week is off to a happier start.  Last night we celebrated our beautiful friend Elisa who is about to give birth to her third child.  The love radiating from their family is a good reminder that there is more hope than fear in our neighborhood.  

Soon it will be Spring!  XOXOXO


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