resolution. or something of the sort.

This rush of spring has had us busy for sure.

I will try for a brief update…

Our beautiful friends Matt and Elisa had their 3rd kid a few weeks ago. They had her in the comfort of their own home and brought a beautiful baby girl into the world. Her name is Rosali. Kelly was able to be there with the other kids during the birth and moved by that experience. I am sure she will update on that at some point.

A few of us took a quick trip to Boston for a little rest and relaxation, visited Greg’s family, and enjoyed time away together. Will post pictures soon.

The landlord we have been protesting had another court date this past week. He was finally sentenced. Three people died in an unsafe home he was renting on christmas eve and we have been working since then to demand some sort of justice in this case. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail, a year and a half of house arrest (allowed to only leave to fix his rental properties), and 5 years of probation. If he has any code violation on any of his homes it will be a violation of his probation and he will go back to jail.

So there is that. It’s definitely not what the family members of those people who died needed. None of us really know how to feel about it. Feels like relief and resolution in one sense. Sadness through and through. I also feel proud of those of us that stuck with this and didn’t give up, despite our exhaustion. The outcome would have been different had we not worked to bring the city’s attention to it, this I know for sure. Sometimes causing a fuss is worth it.

Anyways, summer is fast approaching. Not quite ready for it yet.                              We are thankful to be together for yet another summer and I feel lucky as ever to be surrounded by such powerful, kind, loving, generous, and dedicated people. My life feels so rich.


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