Goat Update!

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Brian and I took Matty and Gertrude to their annual exam at the OSU Large Animal clinic today.  I am probably being paranoid about taking them every year, but since they are around so many kids I like to make sure they are healthy and not carrying zoonotic diseases, which are illnesses that can be passed on to people.

The girls are looking good and ready to breed!  They both weighed around 20lbs each when we took them to their exam last year.  Matty is now at the ideal weight for her size, which is 76lbs.  Gertrude is 100lbs.  Yikes.  The vet wants her to slim down to Matty’s size before we breed them in the fall.  They ended up being bigger than we thought!  They are mini-nubians, which means their moms were full-sized milking goats and their dads were pygmies.  They seem to be taking after their mothers, so hopefully they will be good milkers.  I have some numbers of people with goat stud services, but we’re also planning to go to the fair this year and do some goat matchmaking.  I’m excited about getting the process started!

Here are pictures from a previous vet visit!  I forgot the camera this time.


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