The (at least temporary) Dissolution of Ungratefulness OR A Quiet Gift

Something really great happened at some point between last night and now.

This past weekend, our community gathered with several other communities in Ohio to discuss community life and get to know one another.  This was an important time and warrents its own post, so I won’t get into that too much now.

While we were gone, another group of people ran the bike shop.  Last night we heard it didn’t go that well.  Doors opened quite a bit later, blah, blah, etc.  I was pretty frustrated.  “HOW,” I thought, “are we ever going to decentralize these projects and learn to trust other people when things like this happen?”

We know we need to let go of control and that things won’t always turn out the way we want.  In fact, really frustrating things may happen.  But if we can’t manage to release that tight grip we seem to always have, we will end up sacrificing even more important things.

This morning, though, I’m not frustrated.  This morning I feel so deeply thankful.  I feel hopeful, like over time this will work.  I also feel realistic, like all of us will keep messing up.  The end of this big old feeling that crept in while I was sleeping and took over my often arrogant and controlling mind is tenderness.

What a desperately needed quiet little gift.


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