“I’m going to draw a sunflower.  I love flowers.  Yep, I’ve heard of Franklinton Gardens.  I helped them pick up trash once.  It was fun.  Someone broke into my house last night.  All they took was a broken trampoline.  It was the kind that had handles so you don’t fall.  Even though it was broken, I played on it all the time.  Why would a grownup steal a broken trampoline?  I don’t know either.  I have a nerf gun, too.  Next time someone breaks in, I’m going to shoot them with my gun.  They will ask me where the money is and I will say, ‘let me show you,’ and when they get close I will shoot them in the head.  No, I won’t be scared.  I’m never scared.  Once I had a dream that the devil was chasing me.  I shot him in the head.  I always win in my dreams.  Here, you can have this picture.  The cloud is a heart.” 


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