Franklinton, Columbus, Ohio

We live in a few houses on the west side of Columbus.  We meet every Thursday night for potluck.  We raise chickens, bees, and goats.  We collectively run (and/or actively participate in) a bike co-op and an urban agriculture initiative in our neighborhood.  Our favorite thing to do is play with our neighbor kids and relax together.  We women commune together especially over poetry, plays, food, film, justice, and earth.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Friends, I live in upstate(western)NY. I enjoyed reading your postings,loved the photographs. Hope I can visit sometime and meet you all, Peace and Light, Christopher

  2. Hello there!

    I stumbled on your page while browsing the web. I live in Columbus, and in fact work on the west side. I have lived here three years, but have been so caught up with school and work until now I haven’t really planted any social roots. I really enjoy these postings and would like to know more about your group. Seems like something I’d like to be a part of 🙂

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